Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Australian Women’s Weekly: Easy Cupcakes by Colour

This has got to be my favourite book this year. It’s not really an A to Z recipe book, but rather a book of inspiration. Each page is filled with beautiful and exceptionally clever ideas on decorating cupcakes. Of course, it does have the practical stuff in the back, like the recipes for various cakes and icings (or frosting as the American’s like to call it).

What really stood out for me was that they have moved, not entirely mind you, away from the traditional sugar-paste flowers as decorations; opting instead to use a variety of sweets, sugars and other paraphernalia to create patterns, flowers and assorted cupcake jewels.

If you are a lover of baking and cupcake decorating you absolutely must buy this inspirational book with its wonderful works of art on each page.

I’ve posted a couple of photos after the jump :)

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