Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas at the Korsman's...

... is coming along nicely!

I'm still in the process of making little icing decorations for the cakes that my mom is baking. Two nights ago I tackled little Christmas trees and snowmen, to go around a cake. I didn't have the energy to tackle any today, but from tomorrow I best get cracking or they're not going to dry in time!

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Apart from singing Christmas carols all day, I've been busy sorting out my kitchen; rearranging the cupboards in order to find a home for all of my baking bits and bobs.

My cupboard is finally organised! I desperately need more space though...

Fun things to decorate with... and the ice-cream tub is full too!
We also managed to get our Christmas tree up; although, that said, I managed to get our Christmas tree up, whilst my hubby played PS3 games. I don't really mind though, as the control freak in me wouldn't be happy with him helping anyways. He did help me add the last few decorations and finish off the tree. We've also put up our rather mismatched Christmas decorations around our lounge, so it's starting to feel festive in here.

This was pre-putting up the tree

My hubby pulling funny faces after the tree was put up... no one ever accused us of being 'normal' ;P
Mom and I popped into Party Themes in Springfield Park yesterday and picked up a few little things for Christmas. I'm going to make Christmas cake pops, so I needed the lollipop sticks and I also found this fantastic gel icing stuff in a tube. It's gorgeous! I can see me going a little bananas with it, but hey, it is Christmas... What's a little sparkle between friends? :P


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